Nainital A perfect holiday destination in summers

I am sharing you the experience of my latest trip to Nainital.

Nainital is a perfect holiday destination to beat the heat of summers. Last week I have visited to Nainital with my husband and my little princess Aadya. As the temperature  of Delhi reached to 43 degrees so I thought to spend few days on mountain areas to avoid city temperature. So I was planning for Mussoorie, Shimla & Nainital and at the end of the day Nainital gets finalized.

Once finalized our tour to Nainital for 3 days and 4 nights we booked tickets. We planned to go via Ranikhet exp so that we got some more extra time to spend on hills.

Day 0

Today we have started our journey. Ranikhet exp leaves from old delhi railway station at 10:20 PM. We boarded our train and exact 10:20 PM it starts moving. We already had our dinner so we went to sleep.


Next day we reached Kathgodam station at 5:30 PM. As we are having 3 days trip so we thought to book a cab for all 3 days which includes see sighting around Nainital, as well as Ranikhet and pick and drop to Kathgodam station.

Kathgodam Station

We are able to get a cab in Rs. 5000 for all 3days and 4th day drop at Kathgodam Station. The weather was very pleasent. It was neither cold nor Hot. The average temprature was around 24 degree.

Now we headed towards our hotel which we have booked in Naukuchiatal. After 1 hr drive we reached to our hotel. After having breakfast we headed to  Naukuchital lake then bhimtal lake where we did boating and saw acquarium, Then we went to Sattal. It was a very beautiful place surrounded by mountains and long trees. There we had lunch.we headed towards our hotel.

Naukuchital Lake


Bhimtal Lake

Day 2

Next day after breakfast we started our Journey to Nainital. After 2 hours journey we reached Nainital.  After reaching Nainital first of all we visited to Naina Devi Temple. It was really a good exp. The temple itself is very beautiful located besides naini lake.

Nainital Naini Lake

On that day we went multiple locations like Zoo, Cave garden, Waterfall, Mansa devi Mandir, Khurp tal, Mallital, Lovers point, Sucide Point.

It was totally a mesmerizing experience. We ran short of time so we have not visited tiffin top and few other points. I bet you can’t explore whole Nainital in one single day. Definitely you may miss some points.

Very hectic day today. At around 8 PM we reached to our Hotel totally tired.The day has given me some of the best exp. of my life.

Day 3

Next day we were  planning to visit Ranikhet but driver suggested to visit some of the famous places to see rather then Ranikhet.

First of all we went to ghora khal temple. You can say that its a totally bell temple. The god in that temple id goludev who is famous for the Justice. We also took a bell and tied it some where.

Goludev Temple


Goludev Temple


After Goludev Temple we went for Tea Garden. Its a  very beautiful garden. From there we brought some organic tea also. After that we went to some other places but those places are not that famous thats why I couldn’t remember the names. But that day was also very much hectic. Then we headed towards our Hotel.

Day 4

Next day was our Checkout. So we did checkout at aroud 1 PM as our train Shatabdi exp. was at 3 PM. With in one hour we reached Kathgodam station.


Nainital Kathgodam station

But truly it was a wonderful experience.I would love to visit here again.

Please post your comments and share feedback.

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