How to start your blogging website – Guide me on this

Interested in starting a career in blogging. If you are passionate about writing on any topic then you should definitely start your blog. Many people have left their job and started a full time blogging career and earning more than their regular Jobs.

Apart from money making from blogging you can also start your own startup if you have some unique Idea.

Here you can read how to start your startup.

Make Money from Blogging

So, What technical qualification do you require to start a blog?

Answer – Almost Nothing. You don’t have to be technical for starting a blog.

Few things I am sharing in this post that all you require to become a blogger.

Plan – Prepare a plan that on which topic you want to write. If you are Interested in cooking then you should start cooking related blogs. If Interested in technology then you should write technology related blogs. It means whatever you write that should be your own write up. No copy paste should be there because advance system captures

Execution of plan – To execute a plan you require few things.

1.Domain Name

Choose a domain name and buy it from domain name registrar. You can buy it from any registrar. I am sharing few names over here that can provide you cheap domain name.



It is the reputed domain name registrar and it also provides cheap domains. Their support system is also very good. This website is also registered with Godaddy. You can also park your domain here.

There .com domain name starts with Rs. 99 only but they have lots of hidden charges. Beware with those charges. Before buying you should clearly read their terms & Condition.




Namecheap is another popular domain registrar for buying domain. It is famous for the contest in which they offer domain name at cheapest price for some particular time. So If you are looking to buy something really cheap then check out this website. It is the best alternate to Go daddy. is also a very reliable website but it is not as cheap as other two which I have shared earlier. But yes there is no hidden charges so be sure what ever the amount you see on the website and the features, the same you will get. The pricing for expired domain is high but definitely you will get the best name for your venture.

The Price of starting with 9.99 which is also not a cheap option but they are very popular for the registration with .mobi domains at $2.99/ year. Their customer support service is very quick to respond. They accept following payment options: Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Amex.


These are few domain registrars which I have mentioned over here. Apart from these there are lots more registrars. You can google it to find it.


Now you have bought a domain the Next step is :

2.Hosting Space

Hosting Space provider allows you a dedicated space on server where your site gets hosted. All your files, content, Images to be uploaded on that server. There are various hosting provider but I am sharing few names over here.

These are some of the well known names in proving hosting space.

Some companies offers free domain name when you buy hosting space from them so its better to buy hosting space & domain name from same company but it is not a rule. Take your decision wisely.


3. Content management System (CMS)

After buying domain name & hosting space you are good to go. Your 90% task is completed. The next thing is to put content on your website. There are various CMS available in the market which allows you to just focus on your content and rest can be done by it.

If you are looking for blogging website then WordPress is the best and if looking for e-commerce website then try Magento. 

It all depends on your need and requirement. Most of these CMS are free of cost.

Now you are ready to go with your first site.

I hope you liked this article. Feel free to post comment below.

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