Start your own blog from these top blogging platforms.

There are many great blogging platforms out there, and it really depend on different things like how much you know about coding, html and how comfortable you are in general working with blog themes and etc. Also it matters if you want a free blog or a paid one.

I would suggest using free blogs, until you learn enough and earn some experience and see if you even like it or not, then you can move on to paid ones and get your own domain names and etc.


For a beginner, the best blogging platform is blogger. Its owned by Google. It is the most user friendly blogging site out there. You don’t have to know plaything about how blogs and websites work to use it. Everything is drag and drop and very simple.
Another benefit of it is that since its owned by Google, its much easier to get a better ranking, which will help you get more visitors to your blog in the feature.

Blogger comes with a lot of cool widgets already integrated in it. For example if you decide to make money with your blog, using Google ad sense, its already integrated in it. All you have to do is, sign up for free with ad sense and on your blog dashboard, drag the ad sens box and drop it anywhere on your blog and you are ready to go.

Other great free blogging platforms are


2. can be used to create practically any kind of site you desire and has become far more than just a blogging platform – as a previous respondent said, it can be considered a content management system although some purists will argue that point until the cows come home 🙂

There isn’t much WordPress can’t do though which is why it has become such a dominant force on the web – static sites, blogs, directories, sales pages, e-commerce sites, social networking and membership sites…you get the idea. It may not be the best at some things but it can handle a lot.

Apart from wordpress & blogger few more options are there for blogging. Below are some list



Above all WordPress is better because you are able to customize it a lot more when it comes to layout and how you want everything to look.

Blogspot and blogger are probably easier to learn than WordPress, though. WordPress is time consuming whenever you first try to learn it!

Good luck

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